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The silence never lasts very long any more by Seph

Author: Paulo Coelho

I’m getting too good at knowing my moods and what needs to be done. Yes, that’s a very good thing, but I do miss the peaceful retreat of a good, long, quiet tantrum. My brain knots unravel too fast these days, and then it’s back to the things that need my attention. Sometimes I wish it took a little longer. Sometimes I feel like I could really use the excuse for a good rest.

I read a book yesterday, cover-to-cover, which is a rare thing for me any more. I don’t usually devote that much of my day to reading, but I knew I needed this. This book has been popping up in front of me demanding to be read for many weeks now. I think the crankiness yesterday was an intentional pinch. I get like that when I’ve neglected something that needs my attention. I finally picked up the book …

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Stories & Reflections


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