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The Witch of Portobello.. and Beyond by Atoorva Sinha

Author: Paulo Coelho

I was always interested in Witches…even beyond the typical fairy tales where they are always depicted as bad-ugly women harming innocent people. When I first read about the witch hunts of middle ages, I was very confused and I wanted to read more-know more ,about those witches and why they were considerred such a threat to the society . Later, thanks to internet I heard about the new form religion of Wicca. The more I read about it the more I am convinced that “That which you create is the truth, What occurs is not always true.” I was so moved by the stories of witch-hunt that during my civil service training when I had to choose a topic for dissertation I decided to work on the “Art of witchcraft” . My batchmates initially thought that I was joking but I hope later they realize the seriousness of the issue. Here is the presentation I made for the dissertation .

Today a witch for me is an empowered woman. I believe that …

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