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God, a woman? by Sushma Mohan

Author: Paulo Coelho

Coelhos book celebrates female divinity in a way that evokes both exhilaration and sorrow, his trademark style.
Entwined with the history of every religion in the world is the history of rebellion against it, which sometimes is as old as the religion itself. When a religion gets too steeped in dogmas and rituals, and ceases to quench the spiritual thirst of its followers, there arises, from within those followers, a group that challenges the religion’s dominance in their lives.
Paulo Coelho’s protagonist in the book The Witch of Portobello, Athena, aka Sherine Khalil, is one such rebel who is not afraid to defy religion to preserve her spiritual legacy.
An adopted daughter of a well-to-do Lebanese couple living in exile in London, Athena is a …
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Stories & Reflections


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