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Thoughtful by Suvrat

Author: Paulo Coelho

“I also know that, at night, Another part of me will be wandering in space, in contact with things as real as the pack of cigarettes and glass of gin before me now. My soul will dance with her soul; I’ll be with her while I sleep; I’ll wake up sweating and go into the kitchen for a glass of water. I’ll understand that, in order to combat ghosts you must use weapons that form no par of reality. Then following the advice of my grandmother, I’ll place an open pair of scissors on my bedside table to snip off the end of the dream.”
Paolo Coelho (The Witch Of Portobello)
A strange moment of anguish, and I call her up….with a special request…after I am gone.
I ask her to tell that special someone about this space…..tell her that, each and every word here, is dedicated to her….if she refuses, then lie to me….
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