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Like The Flowing River by Tina Miranda

Author: Paulo Coelho

Go ahead and snigger a little if you must, a mother of two and a compulsive HARRY POTTER fan? Well I must attribute that to the need (I hope universal) of wanting to cling on to that tiny bit of belief in the Supernatural – the Khulja Sim Sim. Which is why when a well-read and well-versed person handed me a non-fiction book, I was skeptical.
Look usually, I would out of politeness, take the book with a smile and a promise to read it cover to cover and go dump it in the book case which holds a revered place in our home. But this time because the person is a very special friend to me, I could not give in to the hypocrisy. I did albeit let him know that I am a pure fiction reader and probably would not do justice to the book. I can give you a good grown up reason for it, because come on in the world of grown ups everything needs to have a reasoning behind it. I love to get lost in the make believe word, the characters become personal, and the situations real. I have even known of dreaming, continuing the story on my own, once in a while.
Coming back to the book, it was …
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