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An Alchemist’s Pilgrimage By Khatchig Mouradian

Author: Paulo Coelho

Best-Selling Author Paulo Coelho’s Journey Among the Armenians
“This book, telling the story of a shepherd boy named Santiago, is about following your dreams,” said my Chinese friend.
“Its message is powerful and simple: If you really believe in something, the whole universe conspires with you to achieve it. Take it to Beirut with you and read it,” she continued.
Thousands of miles away from home, I was being offered a book I had on my own bookshelf, but had never read. Thus, on September 10, 2000, in Shenyang, China, my story with The Alchemist had begun.
As I was reading the book on the plane on my way back, I felt I could easily relate to the message of the novel: We had to go to far away lands, sometimes, to find treasures hidden in our backyard.
“I will translate this book to Armenian one day,” I thought, as the captain was announcing our arrival at the Beirut International Airport.
In October 2003, I started interviewing writers …
This article is written by Khatchig Mouradian @ The Armenian Weekly. You can visit the journalist blog : Paulo Coelho in Armenia to read more articles about the story of Coelho’s pilgrimage to Armenia.

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