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A Warrior of Light Is Reliable by lorna li

Author: Paulo Coelho

I really enjoy Paulo Coelho’s Manual of the Warrior of Light. It’s one of those books I can open randomly to any page, and what I find is exactly what I need to reflect upon at that moment.
Sometimes I wonder if my crusading to save the world, the rainforest, indigenous cultures, ancient wisdom traditions is more talk than walk. I’m certain at times it is. Other times, I collapse in exhaustion, complaining that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. I feel most guilty when I slow down my pace in order to take some much needed rest, reflect or create some clearer mental space – which means I’m not working on something, not actively producing. It’s those moments when I feel like I’m all talk, no action.
I think it’s really important to take a step back and honor ourselves as activists, to forgive ourselves for not being able to work around the clock. It’s OK to be talking a little more than walking once in a while.
So here’s the quote of the day from the Manual of the Warrior of Light:
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