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The song in my profile

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

I was very moved when I got a message from Play, saying that he wrote a song in my honor. First I was a little bit embarrased to put it here (because the title is “The Great PC” and nobody is great in the eyes of God), but I felt like honoring him for the beautiful tune. Today I got a long email from the composer. His name is Christopher. And he is doing a fantastic work. Dear Christopher, it is my honor to have your song here.

Below some parts of his email:

In 2006, I got a job with a small company and they moved to West Africa, to negotiate a business deal with a government involving offshore oil, which I still do not know much about. While in country, I dedicated my life to helping those people because I knew that the spirit of God had led me there, to these people because I asked for a sign. While I was in the thick of this intense negotiation process, which involved the loss of lives, I remember calling out for purpose and destiny and a sign that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing. Not but two days later I heard the Pope called out for national prayer of all catholic people for the COUNTRY that I was currently in stating that the spirit of God had called burdened him to pray for the Republic of Guinea. I began to weep because God showed me a sign by using one of the most powerful christian figure living today.

At that moment I knew my destiny. I knew my work.

The deal was signed in 2006 and I created a non-profit called American Friends of Guinea, which I am still working on. Our first action occurred a month and a half ago, we bought a truck load of collera medicine for pennies of its value without knowing how we were going to use it. Not but two weeks later we heard of a village being killed off by a mysterious illness on the northern guinean border. There was a doctor who went down to check the people out and he found it was collera. The entire town had been tormented by this epidemic for months and it had killed allot of people. We immediately sent our medicine in and were able to save hundreds of people from death. The pictures and video from this single experience has changed my life. And i cannot help but think that all of this is interconnected. I know my heart and I know my purpose, none of this would have ever happened, these people would be dead, without destiny coming into play, and a staple of that experience comes from the alchemist.

I am starting to see what is really important through the applied use of wisdom. And I believe that the Godhead used you and your book to help me to begin to see that path.

In the summer of 2006 I began writing and journaling my thoughts and going back to a video diary I made while in country and I felt inspired. My first training in life was music, I wrote that song on your page as my way of tribute to not just you but what your gift did for me, the emotions, the journey, the passion that has occurred that started with a book. That song that I wrote and recorded at a small music room at Houston Baptist University in Houston Texas with 6 college students is about everything in my life for the past 3 years. It is the summation of all the parts, you honor me by putting it on your my space page.

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