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Who is the teacher?

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

A disciple asked Nasrudin:

‘How did you become a spiritual teacher?’

‘We all know what we should do with our lives, but we always reject it,’ replied Nasrudin. ‘In order to understand that truth, I had to go through a rather strange experience.

One day, I was sitting by the roadside wondering what to do, when a man came over and stood in front of me. To get rid of him, I made a gesture, and he copied me. That amused me, so I made another gesture, which he again imitated, but this time adding another.

Then we started to sing and to do all kinds of exercises. I felt better and better and I came to really love my new companion. A few weeks passed and one day I asked him:

‘Tell me, Teacher, what should I do next?’

And the man replied: ‘But I thought you were the teacher!’

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Stories & Reflections


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