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Love is not a priority

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

First of all, I was not moderating comments for almost a week, as I was in Switzerland as part of the Brazilian Comission for the World Cup 2014 (we won!).

I was browsing some emails receive during this period (because the comments and requests were approved by Paula) when one of myspace friends mentioned that love is not important in her life. I was suprised, and wrote: Love is not a priority? She answered me (see below). I cut personal parts, added some more general views, but the essence or her email is there. Please feel free to answer her question: what love is?

No. The joy of discovery is a priority…..It’s funny because I question what is LOVE? we have this idea that we are supposed to love and have love within us. But what if this is not love at all.

I’m not saying I would choose “hate or indifference or negativity” over “Love” or compassion or positivity. – But I question myself if I really know what love is.

So far I’ve been taught that love is when someone does something for you or gives you something or vise versa. and When you don’t give them what they want or don’t give… then Love is questioned.

I’ve felt “Love” and usually it is filled with separation, deceit, lies, self hatred, anxiety therefore LOVE is not a priority for me. …… but who knows just because we say we love each other…a person who is taught that you have to LOVE thy mother and father and husband….

I can live, I can have a relationship, but I can also understand that on the other hand LOVE has no part in our relationship, and I could go along with that. We say “I love you” and probably mean it but is this really love? I’m still looking for the answer..:

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