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The meaning of the crowns

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

When Moses ascended into the heavens to write one particular part of the Bible, the Almighty asked him to draw little crowns above certain letters of the Torah.
Moses said:
‘Creator of the Universe, why do you want me to add those crowns?’
‘Because in a hundred generations’ time, a man named Akiva will reveal the true meaning of those drawings.’
‘Show me this man’s interpretation,’ Moses asked.
The Lord carried Moses into the future and placed him in one of Rabbi Akiva’s classes. A student said:
‘Rabbi, why are there crowns drawn above some of the letters?’
‘I don’t know,’ replied Akiva. ‘And I do not think that Moses knew either. But since he was the greatest of all the prophets, he did this merely to teach us that, even though we may not understand everything that the Lord does, we must nevertheless do as he asks.’
And Moses begged the Lord’s forgiveness.

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