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Does the teacher suffer if he has bad disciples?

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

A disciple said to Firoz:
‘The mere presence of a teacher inevitably attracts all kinds of inquisitive people, eager to discover something to their own advantage. Could that prove prejudicial to the teacher or a negative influence? Could that not turn the teacher from his path or cause him to suffer because he failed to teach what he intended to teach?’
Firoz, the Sufi master, replied:
‘The sight of a pineapple tree laden with fruit awakens the appetite of everyone who passes by. If someone chooses to eat more than his fill, he will end up consuming too many pineapples and will suffer the consequences. The owner of the tree doesn’t get indigestion though. It is the same thing with the Search. The path must be open to all, but God determines what limits to place on each individual.’

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