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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

Many attribute the success of your work, or at least in part, to the times we live in. Since the announcement of the death of all ideologies, it seems that men desire to return to times where he has reflected more about his own human condition. Your work, in all its simplicity, seems to have met these desires. What can you say about my comments?
The death of ideologies has not been announced. What has been announced is the death of a whole system of archaic thoughts. Men will always need an ideal because this is part of the human nature.
All men in my view are like volcanoes. The mass accumulates but nothing is transformed in the surface. A man asks himself: will my life always be like this? In a given moment the process of eruption begins. If he is an intelligent man, he will allow the lava in the interior to leave and change the scenery in his surroundings, if he is not, then he will try to control the explosion. From then on, he will use all his energy in trying to keep the volcano under control. I have been pragmatic enough during my life to understand that in certain moments of my life, it is necessary to withstand the pain caused by the explosion in order to be able to enjoy the new scenery around me.
There are many opinions as for why humanity is always searching for its own ethics. A friend of mine sent me a story once by the Internet about a man that used to tell his grand daughter about the two animals that used to inhabit his soul: a dog that protected it, and a wolf that used to devour anything it could find around. The grand daughter asks him then which one of the two was the strongest, to what the man answers: the strongest is always the one I feed the most, depending on the circumstances.
The central ideology of the human race, from the beginnings of the times is this: respect your neighbor, please.

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