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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

Your work does not seem to be engaged with any sort of political or ideological group. Would it be correct to assume that you don’t really have a commitment with any particular group, or is it me that can’t read between the lines?
My literature is totally committed with a new political attitude – man in search of his own identity. It does not talk about the old and used up process of the right/left but there is a revolution that is slowly setting up and that the press doesn’t seem to have detected it yet.
If I had to sum up the whole idea in only one expression, I’d say that the new political attitude for our era is to “die alive.” In other words, being aware and participating of things until the day we die – something that does not occur very often – people end up dying for the world on the day they renounce their dreams. After that, he/she departs to a journey like Ulysses did, accepting his challenges and knowing that sometimes he will have to fight alone but understanding he indeed reflects the entire human race.

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