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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

You may know that Romania is a country with a small GDP, inhabited by people that lack optimism or plans for their future. Your literary and philosophic message seems particularly well suited for such a community of people. What can you add for a country with a situation like ours?
By seen the career of my books worldwide, from US to Ukraine, from Brazil to Japan, the only conclusion that I can reach is: we are warriors of the light, regardless the GDP or the political and cultural differences. The only thing is that, in the past, we thought we were alone, but now a book, or a music, or a film, can help us to identify who belongs to our tribe. We are the ones who dare do be different, who pay the price of our dreams, who may be defeated but who never see ourselves as a victim of the circumstances; we are the navigators heading to the unknown sea. And this has nothing to do with countries, but with souls.

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