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Troubled Waters

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear Readers,

yesterday we got seriously attacked by hackers. Even though this is not the first time (and certainly not the last) something about the sheer magnitude led me to think that we got attacked because of the existence of my blog Pirate Coelho. Indeed malicious hackers from the Evil Forces attacked with all their ammunition and corrupted all the php and apache files of my blog and of the Experimental Witch subscription page.
Because of this somehow expected attack (we are not naive…) we were forced to re-create the blog in another server and make back-ups.
I felt the need to share with you this event since it is common – when we are discussing free copyright and free contents in internet – that the Empire strikes back. There is an industry that is fighting to keep its privileges on information, and away from the people (unless you pay for it). In this wild sea that is the Internet, when we position ourselves in such a way that does not please these decaying powers, sometimes we may get attacked and face great tempests.
But, of course, we are stronger than them. Quoting the I Ching, “patience brings good luck” and attacks sharpen our skill to counter-attack and to leave this battle stronger than before.
Finally my Team managed to reestablish the blog and I thank you for your wonderful support during the day. I received many messages from readers backing us up and it certainly made a difference.
I wish then to welcome you all to a pirate’s life: Adventurous, unexpected and exciting!

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