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To make my life hell

Author: Paulo Coelho

Recently, over a talk with friends, this very interesting question came up:
What is your personal hell?
Of course, we know our blessings, being heathy is the most important of all. But just for the sake of a mind game, I started to write down a list of things that would certainly make up for my personal hell and here it is:
– Not having Internet access
– Not drinking coffee throughout the day
– Seeing all my computer files out of order
– Being forced to wear really colourful clothes from fashion designers
– Being obliged to wake up early and going to sleep early
– Having to attend “gargantuesque” lunches
– Not being able to take a nap in the afternoon
– Being forbidden to play pinball every now and then
– Having someone sleeping in my bed with day clothes
– Being forbidden to do archery
– Waiting in queues
– Having to go to discotheques and talking loudly with friends that can’t hear me because of the noise
– When in the countryside, not walking every morning in the forests
These are just some of the little things that would make my life hell… What’s your list?

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