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Reflections of the Warrior of the Light – The right choice

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

“Yes,” the warrior hears someone say, “I must understand everything, before taking a decision. I want the freedom to change my mind.”

The warrior considers this sentence and questions it. He may have the same freedom, but this does not prevent him from fulfilling some duty, even if he does not understand exactly why he does so.

A warrior of the light takes decisions. His soul is as free as the clouds in the sky, but he has a duty to his dream. On his freely chosen path, he must awake at times he dislikes, speak to people who bring him nothing, and make some sacrifices.

Friends comment: “you are forever sacrificing. You are not free.”

The warrior is free. But he knows that an open oven does not bake bread.

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Stories & Reflections


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