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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

Although you didn’t like the compulsiveness of the religious practice, that you have known ever since you were a child, something happened, in your youth, when you decided to reconsider your attitude. I know that you have never revealed the identity of that man who must have been the one that brought about the change I was speaking about. However I insist, by asking you: was it not one of those rare meetings with a warrior of light?

The warrior of the light, who can change your life, is everywhere. It may be a taxi driver, a person that you met by chance in the bus, if you are attentive to the signs – this person, even if you never see him/her again, will give you the right input to take the decisions that you are postponing. Therefore, all we need is to be attentive to signs and open to people.

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