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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

In ‘The Alchemist’ there are words such as Philosopher’s stone, Soul of the world, Elixir of life, Emerald Tablet, Language of the world. Do you think these words will be able to communicate with the new generations who have mobile phones stuck in their ears all the time?
There is nothing wrong with mobile phones or Internet – they make people get in touch, and this is wonderful. Having said that, the symbolic language is the only one capable of crossing the barriers of cultures and prejudices. Dance or music, for example, is purely symbolic, and that’s why, when you go to a foreing country, the first thing that someone gives to you is a CD with local songs. Maturity, for me, it is the moment before decadence begins. We should not try to be mature, but to keep the sacred flame of youthful folly into our hearts.

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