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Weekly Free Association : The Sun

Author: Paulo Coelho

Symbols are doors that enable us to enter other universes. They are based in associations and from this week onwards I want to invite you to make a list of free associations based in a symbol that I will post here in the blog.

This week we will talk about the Sun.
As you know there have been sun deities throughout history.
In Ancient Greece as well as in Egypt, the Sun was portrayed as a masculine God : Apollo, Ra.
Yet, in other cultures, such as Japanese and Nordic cultures, the Sun is portrayed as a Goddess. For instance, in Japan, Amaterasu was the sun goddess who was born from the left eye of the primeval being Izanagi. The ruler of the Plain of Heaven, she was the oldest daughter of Izanagi. She hid in a cave until Uzume lured her out, at which time a beam of light, the dawn, escaped.
Now, you take the floor : what do you associate with the Sun?

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