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The prayer of the flock

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

Jewish tradition tells the story of a shepherd who always said to the Lord: “Master of the Universe, if You have a flock, I shall look after it for free, for I love You.”

One day a wise man heard this strange prayer. Worried that it might offend God, he taught the shepherd the prayers he knew. But as soon as they were parted, the shepherd forgot the prayers; however, fearful of offending God by offering to tend to his flocks, he decided to abandon completely all conversations with Him.

That same night the wise man had a dream: “Who guards the Lord’s flocks?” said an angel. “The shepherd prayed with his heart, and you taught him to pray with his mouth.”

The following day the wise man returned, asked the shepherd to forgive him, and included the Prayer of the Flock in his book of psalms.

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Stories & Reflections


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