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Weekly Free Association : The Winds

Author: Paulo Coelho

From the indistinct waters of the ocean, we now lift up our eyes to the unseen and omnipresent winds.
Symbolically, the Winds are first and foremost supernatural manifestations.
In Ancient Cultures they were identified with specific deities or wills of the gods. In Ancient Greece for instance, the harsh north wind Boreas abducts the daughter of the Athenian King Erechtheus – Oreithyia – and takes her to the Thrace, whilst the soft western wind Zephyr brings Psyche to Eros, the God of Love.

In the Bible, in the Ancient as well as the New Testament, the wind is often identified with the breath of God – and consequently his voice.
In the beginning of Times, it is said that the voice of God hovers over the surface of the indistinct primeval waters and that it is this wind that fertilizes the waters – the verb enabling the rest of the creation to manifest itself.

Yet, in many popular cultures, also emerges the view that takes the wind for the embodiment of transience and frivolity of men.
We seem then to see two visions collide : the vagabond winds of passion against the powerful verb of God.

Now you take the floor : what do you associate with the Winds?

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