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No one changes destiny

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

Before a decisive battle, the Japanese general decided to take the initiative and attack, knowing that the enemy was greater in number. Although he was sure of his strategy, his men were fearful.

On the way to the confrontation, they decided to stop at a temple. After praying, the general turned to his soldiers:

– I will toss this coin. If it is heads, we return to camp. If it is tails, that means that the gods will protect us, and we shall defeat the enemy. Now, our future will be revealed.

He threw the coin high up, and the eyes of his anxious soldiers saw the result: tails. They all rejoiced, and as they attacked were filled with confidence and vigor, and were able to celebrate victory later that afternoon.

His chief officer said proudly:
– The gods are always right. No one can change the destiny they reveal.

– You are right, no one can change destiny when we are resolved to follow it. The gods help us, but at times we must help them too. – he replied, handing the officer the coin.

Both sides were tails.

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