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Today’s Question by Aart Hilal

Author: Paulo Coelho

How do you perceive the multiple identities in this increasingly shrinking world?

When you talk of a “shrinking world” you are highlighting the fact that communication is omnipresent, that people can interact virtually anywhere in the world and this gives us the feeling that borders are being erased, differences blurred.

It’s true that these ever increasing flows of communication have an impact in different cultures but one cannot forget that this also fosters new type of culture.

I believe that this new culture – based in communication tools – actually enables people to assume a wider variety of identities. Take a typical internet user: one has the freedom to create an avatar, build up a character, or reveal a hidden side… Internet enables people to play a part, extract and exhibit their desires, their demons, their hopes.

I have the feeling that in today’s world, multiple identities are encouraged by this new culture of hyper-communication.

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