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Weekly Free Association : The Rock

Author: Paulo Coelho

From the height of the Mountains, we now concentrate on their building blocks : the rocks.

Rocks, given their solidity, are often symbols of eternity. And given that they alter less perceptibly than other physical manifestations, they are often taken as divine symbols. The mightiest examples of this are Menhirs and dolmens.

In India, rocks that would emerge from the top of the mountains are considered as the lingams of Shiva , whilst in ancient China, to draw rocks would represent long life according to the yang principle (whilst to draw waterfalls would be associated with the yin principle).

In Judaism the block of stone placed as the altar of the temple is considered to be the middle of the equator and thus as the origin of the world.

But the rock “on the rough”can also be pictured in certain sects as the novice that still has to pass through many phases before becoming a “sculpted” rock, in which the tradition will carve it’s teachings.
In this sense then the rocks is the symbol of potentialities – of the qualities inherent to a person but not yet manifest.
The rock waits then to be transformed and is considered as a path looking for it’s destination.

Now you take the floor, what do you associate with the rocks?

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