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Weekly Free Association : The Tower

Author: Paulo Coelho

The eternal hourglass keeps on turning and from it’s sands emerge The Tower.

Symbolically the tower represents the axis of the world since it unites heaven and earth.

In the Bible, the first tower is the Tower of Babel – built out of human pride and fiercely destroyed by God. From this destruction came the plurality of languages which dispersed humanity. Indeed, since the fall of Adam and Eve never had humanity tried to build again the axis of the world and this first endeavor – being against God’s will – is fiercely fought against.

In Christianity specifically, the tower would always represent humans vanity and misfortune. Yet the lighthouse – which is a tower, emerging from the waves with a light on its top – would have a positive connotation since it’s light would guide the souls in the good direction.

It was only in the middle ages that towers would flourish in Europe since they would harbor the bells that would call in the population.

In China, the tower also has a positive connotation since wise men could better study the heavens. They would then serve as channels of good energy to the earth.

Now you take the floor, what do you associate with the tower?

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