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My Keynote Message for the Meeting on Youth@the Crossroads – a future without violent radicalization

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear readers,
Below you may find a text that I wrote recently for the Unesco about the radicalization of Youth.

When I was invited by the Director-General of UNESCO (…) I felt a great deal of responsibility and, I will not hide it, grief.


Even before sitting at my desk to write this text, sad images started to crowd my mind. I could see an army of children, bare foot, walking down a dusty path that would lead them to their certain death. I could see some of them actually smiling, holding carelessly their light AK-47s, and heading towards war.


I keep on seeing these images and the feeling of powerlessness grips me. What can one do against a rising number of children soldiers? Of children slaves?


To read the integrality of this discourse : please go here

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