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Weekly Free Association : The Book

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear Readers,

The symbol of the book is considered sacred when it transmits God’s revelations to men. Islam for instance places specially importance on the written word given that a Muslim is supposed not only to read but also to copy the Qu’ran. In Christianity, the apostles are currently depicted holding a book, which symbolizes the message of Christ. The king of the World, the Pancreator, is usually portrayed holding a book in which contains the lives of men as well as the Alpha and Omega of the Universe. In Ancient Egypt, the Book of the Dead, ridden of magic and sacred formulas, is said to guide the soul in the afterlife.

The book as we can see has mainly a positive connotation in written cultures. Yet, the book can be seen as an enemy of memory. Indeed, in certain oral traditions, the book is seen as an enemy since it destroys the effort of learning “by heart” the oral teachings.

Now you take the floor: what do you associate with the book?

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