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Today’s Question by the reader : Anja

Author: Paulo Coelho

Hey Paulo,

How come you still believe in God after having experienced so many bad things in your life? Or is it exactly because of them? Here we have the classical theodicy-question :-)

In some of your writings we learn something about the Sufi-Tales and the Islamic belief, as well. Would you say, you’re a Christian or how would you depict your belief?
In your Interview with Juan Arias you say that you like being alone and also enjoy being with friends. What do you do if you’re feeling sad or melancholic? Do you rather sit and think on your own or do you call friends to go out and have fun with them? Or do you sit down and write a book about your present state of mind?

Dear Anja: first, when you experience something, it is not good or bad – it is part of your journey. That said, I always felt the hand of God supporting me in what you call "bad experiences".

Sufi-Tales and the Islamic belief: storytelling allow us to have more tolerance about other people beliefs. I am a Catholic, and a lot of teachings from Jesus are stories (parables, stories with religious contents). Therefore, being a writer, and now being a Messenger of Peace (UN) I feel it is my role to say that this bridge still exists.

Sad and melancholic: I can be angry very often, nostalgic for three or four days a year, but neither sad nor melancolic.

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