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Today’s Question by the reader : Kealan

Author: Paulo Coelho

One question I would like to ask Paulo at this crossing is; if you were to take someone from the earth, as a Master in RAM, and allow this person access to the secret society to become a Master, how would you foresee yourself doing that? What tests would you set and how would you like to present the initiation ceremony, where would this ceremony be? What would you expect of this person and how do you think you would know when you would meet them for the first time? Do you think that this person could answer some of you questions?

RAM is a very small order, nothing important, a group of people who is much more interested in the language of symbols. There are no secrets – everything is there for us to see.

However, if I had to choose someone to walk with me for a short period (not to teach anything, just to wander together) I would choose a person who is totally different – so I could also learn.

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