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Weekly Free Association : The Stars

Author: Paulo Coelho

The stars that shine in nighttime usually represent the cosmic order since they move around the polar star – conceived as the axis of the world.

In many mythologies, stars were considered as the souls of predecessors that were admitted in the heavens.

In the Jewish tradition, each star is protected by an angel and constellations are seen as groups of celestial spirits that work together in harmony.

In Inca mythology, stars were considered as the “servants of the moon”, they thought that they followed the moon and responded to its every wish given that they could never be seen in daytime. Shooting stars have also many interpretations in ancient cultures: in some, like China, they would announce the death of important men, whilst in other they were believed to bring the soul of a child to the earth. Hence the commonly know expression: “born under a lucky star”.

Now you take the floor: what do you associate with the stars?

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