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Will books survive?

Author: Paulo Coelho

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This week I’m will be at the Frankfurt Book fair – which is the most important book event there is- since I was invited to open it on the 14th of October. There will be a press conference on the opening day and on the 15th I will throw a party where most of you will be present through the pictures you sent to the virtual exhibition and also with your hearts.

Given this context, this week I want your opinion on the following matter: will books survive?
This is the question that the book fair is raising and in my speech I say that books will not disappear since there is free content flowing on the net. Said this, many fear sharing content while I think that a solution can be reached in which publishers, authors and agents will agree upon. In my eyes, the wrong way is to be greedy and consider that content shouldn’t be shared and that internauts are mainly pirates. My speech – that will be posted here tomorrow – talks about this: that there are no pirates in internet but people eager to share content.

So I want you to share your ideas on books, free content and on what’s going to happen in this new context.

As you know, I’m a strong supporter of contents for free (with Pirate Coelho and Internet Books) and therefore I’m eager to hear your opinion on this subject. Since there will be more than one press conference in Frankfurt, I’m planning to access my blog and share your views with the journalists at the fair.

Thank you for your support.

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