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Today’s Question by the reader : Yajna

Author: Paulo Coelho

Earlier someone asked how to start a book, and you responded by saying you just start… I can understand this, but it seems to that I start, and start over again, but it never feels completely right just yet. I was just wondering if you’ve experience that, knowing a specific story has to be told by you, but can’t get it out just yet. What did u do about it? Another thing is that, I’ve often heard writers say, when they start writing they didn’t know where the story would end, sort of going with the story until the ending fits. Generally when you write, do you know how things end? Do you plan books, like what you want to say in a chapter?

Concerning your first question – how to keep on writing and finishing a book – I think you should look it from another angle. What is happening in your life that prevents you from finishing a project?

My dilema was always with the beginning of a book. Yet I think that in the same way that I had to solve some issues in my life before I embarked in my first book (I was 40 when I wrote The Pilgrimage), probably there are other issues in life that you need to face before being able to finish a book. You’re the only judge of that.

Concerning the second item : Concerning the second item : I don’t plan my books – when I set to write I have a general idea of the theme I want to tackle but I like being surprised whilst writing.It’s a process of self-discovery creating a story.

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