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Your Opinion On : Free content and the new paradigm

Author: Paulo Coelho

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The question of this week is very simple and direct.

During the book fair in Frankfurt, I told everyone there that they should share content freely in the internet. Either we share or the industry will die. Most agreed with me but still had to figure out how they could survive in this new model. I didn’t have a ready-made answer to this since I’m taking my steps. This need for them to have an answer also applies to music, films and any other type of art. So, how can we share contents freely on the web and still make a living out of it?
According to you, how will the new paradigm of internet apply to the cultural industries?

You answers will be shared by me with some of the people I meet in Frankfurt.
You can also read my speech on copyrights and about the future of the book by clicking here

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