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Weekly Free Association : Diamonds

Author: Paulo Coelho

Diamonds are the most precious of all precious stones. Hence their name in Latin: regina gemmarum “the queen of the gems”. In virtual all societies, diamonds are associated with perfection and purity. Plato described the axis of the world as a diamond column rising to the skies. In popular traditions diamonds are supposed to make people invisible, cast away bad spirits and draw feminine favors.

In the traditional symbolism of the precious stones, diamonds are associated with the sun. Hildegarde de Bingen (1098 – 1179) stated that “the devil sees in this stone its enemy since it resists to all his endeavors: that’s why the devil hates it day and night”.

Lonicerus, a Renaissance botanist, thought that diamonds could even stop wars, strife and be able to protect us from any poison or temptations bad spirits could bring.

Now you take the floor: what do you associate with diamonds?

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