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How to do what I want

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

As soon as he dies, Juan found himself in a very beautiful place surrounded by all the comforts and beauty he had ever dreamed of. Someone dressed in white came up to him:

– You are entitled to whatever you wish: any food, pleasure, entertainment – he said.

Enchanted, Juan did everything he had dreamed of during his life. After many years filled with pleasure, he sought out the person in white:

– I’ve already tried everything I wished for. Now I need a job so that I can feel useful.

– I’m so sorry – said the person in white. – But that is the only thing that I cannot manage for you; there is no work here.

– How terrible! – said Juan in irritation. – I shall spend eternity dying of tedium! I’d prefer a thousand times to be in hell!

The creature in white came over to him and said in a low voice:

– And where do you think you are?

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Stories & Reflections


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