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Weekly Free Association : The Egg

Author: Paulo Coelho

The egg, seen as containing the seed that will give birth to manifestation, runs in all cultures. Indeed the birth of the world from an egg exists in the Celtic, Greek, Egyptian, Phoenician, Tibetan, Chinese, Hindus and Japanese traditions.
It is the process of how this egg evolves that changes from place to place. In Ancient Egypt as well as in China, the egg is spit by a mythical animal and represents the manifestation of the verb. In Hinduism, the egg is born from primeval waters and when it cracks it creates the earth and the sky.
Mircea Eliade, who worked on symbols, sees in all these traditions a common streak – that the egg is an image of totality, usually appearing as the first principle after chaos.
Now you take the floor, what do you associate with the egg?

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