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Today’s Question by Anna

Author: Paulo Coelho

You were awarded the WEF award as a social entrepreneur, and then you joined their board as a Board Member of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, spreading the word for social responsibility. How do you see the WEF efforts in this field, and how do you evaluate their achievement.

Certain things when shared are not divided but multiplied. You can say that of love, of compassion, of hope…

As you can see it’s a very simple way of explaining feelings or actions that create a virtuous circle.

Social entrepreneurship follows the same principle – namely that society as a whole wins much more when a business is coupled with a social concern. It’s about common sense: how can I have a good quality of life if those surrounding me are constantly striving for food, shelter, water? I may have a haven in my house, but the moment I walk in the streets, I will be in an environment of poverty and violence.

Social entrepreneurs are thus people that strive to pass on the idea that a person’s well being is dependent on the well being of others.

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