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Association of The Week : The Tree

Author: Paulo Coelho

With its roots firmly planted on the earth and its branches soaring towards the skies, the tree embodies both man – as a being between two worlds – as well as Creation linking the below to the above.

Many ancient cultures held trees as sacred. Even more deeply, they would consider them as the axis of the world, around which the Cosmos would intertwine. The Mayas for instance believed that a sacred tree – Ceiba – held the world together.

There is a specific symbol of the inverted tree – present in Alchemical writings as well as in one of the oldest books of Manking – The Rig Veda. This tree that has its roots descending from the airs and its branches plunging towards the earth symbolises the divine nature of Man. This image invites Man to understand that he has to torn the veil of illusion of matter in other to attain his inner heaven.

Now you take the floor – what do you associate with the Tree?

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