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The three blocks of stone

Author: Paulo Coelho

By Paulo Coelho

An Australian legend tells of a wizard who was strolling with his three sisters when the most famous warrior of the region came up to him.

– I want to marry one of these beautiful girls – he said.

– If one of them gets married, the others are going to think they are ugly. I am looking for a tribe whose warriors can have three wives – answered the wizard as he walked away.

And for many a year he traveled all over the Australian continent but never managed to find such a tribe.

– At least one of us could have been happy – said one of the sisters when they were already old and weary from so much wandering.

– I was wrong – answered the wizard. – But now it’s too late.

And he turned the three sisters into blocks of stone.

Visitors to the Blue Mountains National Park near Sydney can see them – and understand that the happiness of one does not mean the sadness of others.

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Stories & Reflections


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