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Association of the Week : The Crown

Author: Paulo Coelho

The crown often symbolizes the legitimate power of a man, often making him the representative of a superior realm. Placed on the head, the crown dominates the human body, i.e. Matter, and enables man to participate the upper world of heaven.

The circular shape of the crown is a reference to the non-ending circle and its “dented” form is a reminder of the solar rays: kings and emperors are thus the bearers of light in this world.

In the Kabbalah, the Keter crown that is on top of the Sephiroth tree symbolizes En Sof, the Creator, the Infinite Light. In Christianity, the symbol of the crown goes beyond the power of Majesty – it also highlights the superior character of the certain figures such as Mary and martyrs. Indeed in other ancient cultures, such as Ancient India and the China, the crown stands for the transition to a superior level of consciousness.

Now you take the floor: what do you association with the Crown?

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