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Today’s Question by the reader : Claudius

Author: Paulo Coelho

There is so much suffering, pain, ugliness in this world. Many of us watch it helplessly and many of us are also in its clutches and are its victims, what do we do? What would you offer a person in pain?

Injustice exists and I can’t pretend to have an answer for that. I’m not a guru and I can’t explain why bad things happen to honest people. It’s also true that evil is much more visible than good. See how easy it is to destroy and how laborious it is to build.

Nevertheless I think that we are all responsible if the world is the way it is. That’s why instead of looking for the guilty or weak, we should look at our attitudes and ourselves.

We cannot set out to change the world but we can try to change ourselves. If we are capable of that: of mending our ways, of being generous to life, then we will be able to see that good is everywhere. There’s a wide range of heroes that work in silence and that try to enhance the state of the world.

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