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Today’s Question by the reader : Catherine

Author: Paulo Coelho

In the Alchemist you write that the whole universe will work with us if we really want something. This feeling was really clear when I was a little girl because when I wanted something “magically” they would come to me, but only if I really wanted them, in ways that shouldn’t be possible…… Now I am a grown up woman, and I am still looking for that feeling, and I am trying to clear my mind, and go back to the innocent and faith that children have in their dreams. I know that you have had a complex life, and had to work through troubles earlier in life, what made that big change, if there has been a big change?

Dear Catherine, let’s forget “if”. This word should be erased from your life dictionary. I am who I am, and I am glad that I did not quit my dream when all odds were against me. So, there is no “if”. The changes were there, and I gladly accept the challenges of changing.

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