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Today’s Question by reader : Gary Don Davis

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear Sir,

I have long thought of an inner voice, something that is inherent to all of us, just to have people look at me as if I am crazy.. My question is this: is this voice innate? Is this second voice or inner voice tempered or changed by our life and it’s past experiences, or is it something that is part of our consciousness from the moment of our birth, and it says what it says to us regardless of our experiences? Can we change what it says, or is it there from God regardless of what we live through. Is it simply our conscious? And how do you know that you are listening to this voice and it is being true to you, and doesn’t have a selfish agenda fueled by its own selfish motives?

Dear Gary,

to be able to hear our inner voice is in itself a journey. This inward quest for our true self may seem alien at first but – as a north star – it guides us, as long as we have faith.
I don’t think it is consciousness that guides us to our inner self – it is actually something that is outside of ourselves that murmur to our soul.
To be able to distinguish the true voice from our desires is also a path : in the beginning there will be many mistakes, false leads. But with time and forgiveness, we start hearing this voice more clearly and we develop our own silenced “alphabet”.


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