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Today’s Question by the reader : Sandra Jacobs

Author: Paulo Coelho

Mr Coelho, my dream is to write a book. I have often wondered which book to write, but the problem is not the topic, but to make that first step, as most of your books teach, and to live your dream. I am not Catholic, but Protestant and I respect your religion, because through all your work it is very clear that you believe in god and trust in Him.

And as Christian, we learn the story of Jesus walking on the water, and one of the Lessons to be learn from the story, is that in order to walk on the water, we need to first get out of the boat!

And my problem is that I need the motivation, to make the first step and get out of my boat!

Dear Sandra,

I can totally relate with this first difficulty – it took me 40 years to be able to write my first book (The Pilgrimage).

I remember how much I turned away from the white page, how difficult it was to simply seat down and write. Furthermore I had to go to a far away land and walk the sacred path of Santiago in order to finally come down to writing.

I think the only advice I can give you is this : seat down and write – anything that comes to your head and keep going. At first you may feel stuck, but with time, if you continue on your quest of storytelling, you will see how the first barrier was only an illusion.

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