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Association of the Week: The Door

Author: Paulo Coelho

The door symbolizes not only a way to reach another space, but it also symbolizes a space in itself. Hence the mysterious dimensions that usually are bestowed upon this object.

The door signifies the entrance towards a fundamental space. In temples, the gates that lead to the holiest parts are usually sumptuous doors that only the high priest can pass under. There’s also the entrance door of the temple – necessary to mark the difference between the sacred temple and the profane world.

In China, the closed door is considered as “yin” (passive, female energy) whereas the open door symbolizes “yang” (masculine, active energy). The universe then is constantly swinging between these two poles.

In Christianity, Jesus compares himself to the door through which all men can be saved. Hence the presence of the figure of Christ in the opening gates of cathedrals as well as celestial protective forces (such as Saint Michael or the apostle Peter).

Now you take the floor : what do you associate with The Door?

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