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Today’s Question by the reader : Jenni

Author: Paulo Coelho

Everytime I read a book of yours I always catch myself being drawn by the characters you write about and their stories.I write blogs and when I do it is always something spontaenous.But deep inside I know how much more I want to let go of all the emotions and experience I have kept and made in my life. It is never an easy thing for me to write because it is like stripping my soul. It is like I am tearing myself up but on the other hand I let go of all the bad cords that is connnected to me for a long time.

My question is: How come everytime I write I bleed inside… Is this feeling normal?

It depends on how you define normality. If you think normality is to be insensitive to your own feelings and pretend that the best you can aspire to is some sort of placid state where nothing moves you, well, I would say that normality is not really an objective.

But if you consider that normality is to strive despite the bruises of life, and to be yourself as much as possible, then, yes dear Jenni, the feeling you have is quite normal.

When you look at my life, you will notice that it took me 40 years to be able to become a writer. It takes time and it is a long process. But once you start walking your path, you find out that things will come to you more and more naturally.

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