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Dear Mr. Coelho

Author: Paulo Coelho

Dear Mr. Coelho,

As an international human rights and sustainable development lawyer, I once thought of entering the peace corps but did not. Learning today that a peace corps volunteer in West Africa had been killed, I wanted to honor her in whatever way I could, simply by acknowledging her life and work there. In a photo stream she posted online of the items she brought with her for two years in Benin, I saw a small stack of three or four books. “The Alchemist” was on the top. As your words have often thrilled and comforted my soul, they obviously sustained her heart. Though it is one of many examples, I thought I could further witness to her life by trying to ensure that photo crossed your path.

Most respectfully,

Dear Rachel,
Thank you very much for sharing. I did a search on Catherine, and I found a very interesting article on her.
Warm regards

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