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Association of the Week : The House

Author: Paulo Coelho

With the disappearance of the nomad hunters of the glacier age, the house became the symbol of the center of existence for the new sedentary. The house is then disposed most of the time according to cosmic orientations, houses as well as cities being built in relation to the stars.

The eldest houses in the world were discovered in Jericho and at çatal Hüyük in Anatolia. They were built 6500 years B.C, meaning before the appearance of urban civilizations and contemporary to the development of agriculture.

The house then crystallized the beginning of civilizations. It became then the symbol of stability for mankind inside the cosmos. In Buddhism, the house is associated with the body, and one is supposed to destroy the roof in order to evade the material world of illusions.

In psychotherapy, the presence of house in dreams represents the very dreamer: the house can than appear as in construction, new, abandoned…

Now you take the floor: what do you associate with the house? Furthermore, if you were to describe yourself as a house – how would it be?

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